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The real challenge for Italian health care

Changes are on tap for the Italian health care system. Standard health care costs will be defined, which means determining the amount necessary to keep Italians healthy, starting with what “virtuous regions” spend, (meaning those regions with their balance sheets in order: Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy, Tuscany and Veneto). A saving on standard costs of at least 4 billion euro is expected.

Gianluca Bruttomesso

Gianluca Bruttomesso

Right now, Italy spends less on health care than 15 other European nations, which allocate 9.2 percent of their GDP compared with Italy’s 8.7 percent. This figure is even less than the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development average (8.9 percent). The Italian public health care system is ranked second worldwide, according to the WHO.

However, AHCJ member Gianluca Bruttomesso raises some questions about why the system should be subjected to limits and  deceleration in development. Read more …