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These data resources can help localize studies on medical facility quality control

Photo: Scott & White Healthcare via Flickr

If you cover medical studies for national publications, you rarely have to worry about localizing it to one particular region. But local and state journalists typically have to go deeper when covering a national study for region-specific publications. A new obesity prevalence study is out? How does that compare to obesity rates in your state? In your county? In your city? In your schools? Continue reading

Tips for finding local stories about health reform

Last week, Stacey Singer, of The Palm Beach Post, and I led a workshop on  “Ten Local Health Stories” (actually we sort of went quite a bit over the “10” limit) for the Excellence in Journalism (EIJ12) conference, sponsored by SPJ and RTNDA in Fort Lauderdale. We’ve posted my overview, Stacey’s very hands-on and helpful local take, and a resource list (adapted from, but not identical too, the resources we’ve been assembling for more than a year on the AHCJ Health Reform core topic pages).

Core Topics
Health Reform
Oral Health
Other Topics

We also wanted to thank the Alliance for Health Reform for shipping to Florida a box of its very handy resource guide . (Disclosure: I wrote one of the overview chapters, although wasn’t involved with the more recent updates to it.)

The session went on for more than an hour, so I’m not going to try to describe it all, but wanted to just share a few points we made: Continue reading