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The Road to Cleveland: Haven’t booked your hotel yet?

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Eileen Beal, M.A., has been covering health care and aging since the late 1990s. She's written several health-related books. including "Age Well!" with geriatrician Robert Palmer, and her work has appeared in Aging Today, Arthritis Today,WebMD and other publications.

road-to-cleveland-2If you haven’t already booked your hotel for Health Journalism 2016, you should do so immediately.

While the conference hotel, Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Center, has officially sold out of our room block, a few rooms for Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights might still be available at the heavily discounted rate if you go through AHCJ’s training coordinator, Ev Ruch-Graham (ev@healthjournalism.org or 573-884-8103).

As of this writing, the folks at the conference hotel, Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Center (216-696-9200) say they have plenty of rooms available for $249 (plus Cleveland’s 16.5 percent bed tax). The Renaissance Cleveland Hotel (216-606-5600), a five-minute walk across Public Square to the Marriott and a six-minute walk to the Cleveland Convention Center, still has rooms available at pretty close to what the conference rate was, but only if you book and pay for it now.

The Cleveland International Film Festival begins March 30 and runs through April 10. It’s a big event. Many of the festival’s big-draw films will be screening at Tower City. Many people involved in the films and the festival will – if they haven’t already booked their accommodations – be competing for the rooms you want. Continue reading