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Emergency grants available to freelance journalists during COVID-19

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During the current coronavirus outbreak, freelancers have reported a mixed bag — some work is on pause, but other work is booming. Whatever your situation, several journalism organizations have stepped up to offer emergency relief and reporting grants.

While reviewing the list below, the most important factors to keep in mind are the eligibility requirements for each application. In some cases, the grant is meant only to support those who have contracted COVID-19 and lost work because they were sick. In other cases, the grant is designated for particular types of reporting work. Continue reading

Seven Texas schools seek tier-one status

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Holly K. Hacker of The Dallas Morning News has a story about Texas universities seeking to be “tier-one” institutions. As Hacker explains, “tier-one” universities are “where researchers make the next big breakthroughs in science or engineering and where top scholars teach the next generation of leaders and problem-solvers.”

Tier-one universities help the economy, attract students and researchers from out of state and encourage students to stay in state for their education.

They also receive “hundreds of millions of dollars in research grants from groups like the National Institutes of Health.”

Hacker is having a live chat at 11:30 central time today (Monday).