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Webcast to feature author of book on rampant fraud in the generic drug industry

Investigative journalist Katherine Eban will discuss her new book documenting rampant fraud in the generic drug industry during an AHCJ webcast on Wednesday, June 19.

In her book, “Bottle of Lies: The Inside Story of the Generic Drug Boom,” Eban reveals how generic drug makers not only help ensure that some of the worst quality drugs enter the least regulated markets but also take extreme measures to avoid regulatory scrutiny. Harper Collins/Ecco’s Hardcover division published the book on May 14. Continue reading

Report says generic drugs are a Wild West of pricing

pills-and-moneyNew research finds that changing retail prices for generic drugs could hit some consumers hard, while others may benefit from steep drops.  An joint analysis by AARP and the PRIME Institute at the University of Minnesota found that 11 widely used generic drugs had seen price increases greater than 30 percent, and two — both anti-infectives — had price increases exceeding 1,000 percent  in 2013.

At the same time, 203 of 280 drugs in the study’s “basket” of widely used generic prescription drugs by older Americans (including Medicare beneficiaries) experienced a price decrease, with some costs dropping by nearly one-third. Continue reading