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Tech seeks to bring visibility to sexual assault, harassment with #metoo

If you have been on Facebook or Twitter over the past few days you’ve likely seen or even participated in the “me too” campaign that is blowing up on social media.

It began after the New York Times and the New Yorker published bombshell articles on numerous sexual assault and harassment complaints against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Actress Alyssa Milano tweeted: Continue reading

Hurricane Harvey proves to be test for telehealth services

With clean-up efforts underway in the Houston area in the aftermath of devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, those affected by the storm will have access to medical providers from all over the country via telehealth.

Satisfaction and acceptance of telehealth by Harvey survivors could drive further adoption of online health services. Harvey is a big test of telehealth reach that we’ve not seen before. Continue reading

Patient access to health records in jeopardy amid heath policy upheaval

Amid the deep uncertainty over what changes Congress could make to the health care sector in the coming years, patients would benefit from having access to their own medical records.

Insurance coverage losses, changes in insurance plans and cuts to provider networks could happen if the Affordable Care Act is repealed, repealed and replaced or is weakened because of lack of support from the Trump administration. Continue reading

Preparing for the VA’s electronic health record system overhaul


Care delivery at the Department of Veterans Affairs, which serves 9 million veterans, will be fascinating to cover in the coming years.

President Donald J. Trump campaigned on the promise to “straighten out the whole situation for our veterans.” Specifically, to reduce wait times to access care and to deliver better and more high-tech services, including telehealth. The VA is among the few federal agencies that would see a funding bump under the president’s budget proposal, with a 6 percent increase proposed. Continue reading

CEO’s predictions about health IT offers some guidance for reporters

Photo: Army Medicine via Flickr

Photo: Army Medicine via Flickr

Can technology save us? It’s among several questions on a lot of people’s minds these days. Can technology save us from rising health costs? Can technology save Medicare by reducing costs to the program? Can technology help our veterans gain better access to care? Can technology help people take control of their health decisions?

At the same time, criticism of technology has grown in the aftermath of a presidential election that shocked many. Continue reading