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Fellow, veteran reporter is ‘miles ahead’ after day 1

Andrew Van Dam

About Andrew Van Dam

Andrew Van Dam of The Wall Street Journal previously worked at the AHCJ offices while earning his master’s degree at the Missouri School of Journalism.

He’s only been in New York for a day, and David Gulliver, already appears to be a big fan of the AHCJ Media Fellowships on Health Performance which took him (and three other AHCJ members) there. “I’m already miles ahead of where I was as a healthcare reporter,” Gulliver writes on his local health site, Sarasota Health News.
Logo:  AHCJ  Media Fellowships on Health Performance

Today we met with some of the sharpest people analyzing and leading the efforts to improve the nation’s health care. I’ve already developed a dozen ideas for new stories or ways to improve what I’m doing — and, more importantly, found people willing to volunteer their time and expertise on future projects.

The fellowships are supported by The Commonwealth Fund, and are designed to give mid-career journalists an opportunity to learn about examples of high-performing health care systems, to focus on innovations in care delivery, and to explore a system or its significant parts to determine what makes that system effective or ineffective. Fellows will be able to examine providers of care, insurers, regulators and policymakers.