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New data section highlights common large datasets used in studies

We are well into the age of Big Data, in which researchers may use databases or another dataset with data from tens of thousands or even millions of individuals.

These massive datasets have many advantages, such as the ability to narrow down a specific population through inclusion or exclusion criteria, having adequate participation to achieve statistical power, being able to analyze and compare subgroups based on demographics or other differences and the ability to get diverse, representative populations. Continue reading

Be wary of studies using big data: Follow these suggestions

Looking for p-hacking or other statistical red flags is challenging, particularly for journalists who don’t have training in statistics or medical research design or access to the complete data sets a researcher may be using. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn a few tips on how to scrutinize studies that analyze huge datasets. In fact, three statistical editors of JAMA Surgery — Amy H. Kaji, M.D., Ph.D.; Alfred W. Rademaker, Ph.D.; and Terry Hyslop, Ph.D. — recently penned an editorial aimed at researchers that journalists can benefit from as well. Continue reading