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Pulitzer winners, finalists share tips with AHCJ

In yesterday’s post about AHCJ members who won or were finalists for this year’s Pulitzer Prizes, we neglected to mention California Watch‘s editorial director, Mark Katches.

Katches, as deputy managing editor for projects and investigations at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, was an editor on Raquel Rutledge’s Pulitzer Prize-winning reports on fraud and abuse in a child-care program for low-wage working parents.

AHCJ has temporarily opened up access to articles and tip sheets that recently were written for us by this year’s Pulitzer winners and finalists. Don’t miss this chance to see what AHCJ members have access to every day.

And, just as a reminder, The New York Times‘ Michael Moss, who won a Pulitzer for his reporting on contaminated hamburger and other food safety issues, will be on a panel about food safety at Health Journalism 2010.