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Joint Commission makes more accreditation details available on website

Angie C. Marek, a member of AHCJ’s Right to Know Committee, contributed this update.

The Joint Commission, the largest nonprofit organization to accredit hospitals in the United States, has improved the quality of information available to consumers and journalists on its website. joint-commission In response to a request by AHCJ’s Right to Know Committee, the agency has made it easy to tell whether a facility has recently lost accreditation or is in danger of losing it.

In the site’s Quality Check section, the search page now has a filter allowing viewers to select “Type of accreditation.” (The filter only appears in areas where there are hospitals that are not fully accredited.) Previously, to find hospitals with less-than-full accreditation, users had to examine each hospital’s record individually. Now the few that have not met standards can be quickly located.

“We’re pleased that the Joint Commission responded to our suggestion to make its website more useful,” said Charles Ornstein, president of AHCJ’s board of directors.  “Reporters and consumers will now find it somewhat easier to learn about the institutions to which they entrust their health.”

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