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A typical workday for freelancer Melba Newsome

Melba Newsome

For this installment of A Typical Workday, I interviewed independent journalist, writer and editor Melba Newsome. Newsome’s byline has appeared in national, regional and local publications, including Scientific American, Newsweek, Bloomberg, AARP, Wired, North Carolina Health News and many others. This year, she worked with Wake Forest University to create the Wake Forest Mellon Environmental Justice Journalism Fellowship, a five-day intensive program designed to improve coverage of environmental justice and to diversify the ranks of journalists covering the issue. This conversation has been edited for clarity and brevity.

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How freelancers can find and keep accountability partners

Photo by Christina Morillo via pexels

This year, I found an accountability partner to help me meet writing deadlines, increase the rate at which I pitch ideas to editors and guide me through tough decisions. AHCJ core topic leader for infectious diseases Bara Vaida and I have been meeting over Zoom once a month, and I believe the relationship is already yielding benefits. I recently decided to stop working for a publication for which I have been a contributing writer for decades — the 12,000-word articles had become too burdensome — and Bara’s feedback and support were crucial.

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7 tips for repurposing pitches for multiple markets

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood via pexels

Researching and writing queries can be the most dreaded part of being a freelance writer. But the work and time that goes into creating pitches can go farther and net more income by taking one idea and reworking it for different publications. 

To do this, freelancers must learn to look at stories, notes and interviews in a different way than they may be doing. Try implementing these seven tips.

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A typical workday for freelancer Jen A. Miller

jen a. miller

Jen A. Miller

For the inaugural installment of A Typical Workday, a periodic interview with freelancers about how they get the job done, AHCJ’s freelance community correspondent Barbara Mantel interviewed Jen A. Miller. Miller is an award-winning freelance writer and author and a frequent contributor to The New York Times and Supply Chain Dive. She has also written for The Guardian, SELF, BuzzFeed, The Washington Post and The Philadelphia Inquirer, among others. She also shares insights and advice about how to build a successful freelance career through Notes from a Hired Pen, her newsletter and e-book series.

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HJ23: PitchFest sign ups remain open, freelance panels to explore in St. Louis


Photo by Paola RodriguezJournalists share their pitches with editors during PitchFest.

Health Journalism 2023 is fast approaching. We look forward to seeing fellow freelancers at events like the in-person Lunch and Learn session and a longtime conference favorite, PitchFest.

To see what the editors are looking for in a pitch, check out AHCJ’s market guides. In addition, some PitchFest editors have submitted guides that can be found here in the Whova app that is being used for the conference.

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