New tip sheet for journalists covering long COVID

Photo by Mart Production via pexels.

In the coming year, more clues are expected to emerge to help unravel the mystery of long COVID as dozens of global study results are released.

To help you with your coverage of the evolving understanding of long COVID, we have created a tip sheet in a Q&A format to help explain what is known, as of October 2022, about long COVID and to provide resources for covering this topic.

In this tip sheet you will find answers to (to reiterate, based on what is known as of October 2022):

  • The reason why you should describe the syndrome as long-COVID
  • The correct definition of long-COVID
  • Long-COVID studies to keep an eye on in the coming year 
  • The percentage of people who develop long-COVID
  • Who is at risk for long-COVID?
  • Where journalists can find long-COVID patients and interesting patient stories
  • Some media-savvy medical experts who are training long-COVID patients for you to call

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