Seeking ways to report on adversity and kids’ health

Photo: Norbert Eder via Flickr

A growing number of reporters are taking another look at adverse childhood experiences when it comes to health in both children and adults.

Such events, known as ACEs, are getting the attention of local and national leaders as well as health care professionals looking for other ways to tackle patient’s ailments beyond the exam room.

This year, the science behind ACEs, and their link to toxic stress, was the subject of several panels at AHCJ’s annual conference in Orlando as well as the focus of another session at a poverty program hosted earlier this year by The Aspen Institute.

For those just getting started in looking at the issue, AHCJ member Janice Lynch Schuster pulled together some basic tips on covering it, drawn in part from the event hosted by the Aspen Institute, a nonpartisan educational and policy organization based in Washington, D.C.  as well as Health Journalism 2017.

Read her tipsheet here.

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