LGBT youth expert to discuss health issues in webcast

Lawrence D'Angelo

Lawrence D’Angelo

This week, six national advocacy organizations called for greater efforts to educate LGBT youth about sex, because they say research shows they are at greater risk for dating violence and sexually transmitted infections.

On Monday, AHCJ will discuss such education efforts and related issues with Lawrence D’Angelo, M.D., director of the Youth Pride Clinic at Children’s National Health Systems in Washington, D.C. In a recent interview with us, D’Angelo said he prefers to describes such youths as LGBTQ, since many are still “questioning” their sexual identity.

Join us for a webcast with D’Angelo at 3:30 p.m. ET, Monday, Dec. 7, to discuss covering health issues among LGBT youth.

We’ll discuss the major health issues facing this particular group, what changes the health care system is undertaking to address them, and what else could be done. Our discussion also will touch on where to find good information and data for stories, potential stories ideas, issues that merit more (or less) coverage and potential reporting pitfalls and concerns. Not sure where to get started in covering LGBT health issues and youth? Join us on the webcast.

This event is part of AHCJ’s effort to expand its resources in the areas of social determinants of health and health disparities. Over the past few months we’ve added sections on rural health, urban health – and LGBT issues. There are new tip sheets, glossary terms and key concepts, with more to come.

We also want to highlight recent stories on LGBT health issues, and well as explore additional social determinant topics in the coming year. If you are particularly proud of a story you have written, or admire another reporter’s work on these issues, contact me at

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