Finding the full story behind hospital mergers, consolidations

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Dan Goldberg

Dan Goldberg

Across the country, health systems are getting larger, gobbling up community hospitals or smaller chains. Some of this has to do with payment incentives in Obamacare, but just as much has to do with changes to Medicare, Medicaid and providers’ desire for leverage as they negotiate payments with insurance companies.

In the February issue of Capital Magazine, reporter Dan Goldberg looked at  New York’s five large health systems and the strategies they were employing to diversify their revenue base while preparing to play in a post-ACA, value-based world.

No chief executive, whether for-profit or not, wants to lose money. So every deal they make generally has financial reasoning behind it, and every deal they don’t make usually carried some financial risk that seemed too great to bear. In this new tip sheet Goldberg shares some questions to keep in mind for reporters looking at the new business landscape.

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