AHCJ member news: Reporting awards, job changes, new publications

Constance Alexander’s spoken opera, “The Way Home,” is featured in “Scenes from the Common Wealth: Short Plays & Monologues by Kentucky Women.” Focused on end-of-life issues, “The Way Home” was inspired by a series of interviews Alexander conducted in conjunction with a documentary series she produced for WKMS-FM, with accompanying articles in the Murray (Ky.) Ledger & Times, where she is a freelance columnist.

A Crack in the Pavement,” a novel by Georgie Binks, has been published by Goodweather Publishing Inc. The book, partly based on a true story, addresses what some women have experienced after having prenatal genetic testing and deciding to terminate their pregnancies. Binks is an award-winning journalist in Toronto.

Dan DeNoon, formerly of WebMD and the Harvard Heart Letter, has joined the press office at the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention in Atlanta.

USA Today reporter Peter Eisler, with Alison Young and John Hillkirk, won the online category of the National Academy of Sciences Communications Award for the series “Ghost Factories,” an investigation into abandoned lead factories.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s John Fauber and independent journalist Joanne Silberner, a former National Public Radio correspondent, will share the 2013 Victor Cohn Prize for Excellence in Medical Science Reporting. Fauber is recognized for his “relentless and exemplary investigative reporting on conflicts of interest in medicine and industry,” which has been a frequent Covering Health topic. Silberner is recognized for her coverage of “neglected diseases in developing countries, as well as her outstanding coverage of health policy at NPR.”

Silberner, with David Baron, also won the radio/TV/film category of the National Academy of Sciences Communications Award for a series of radio and web stories about cancer in developing countries that appeared on PRI’s “The World.” She also shared the “Best Cancer Reporter Award for 2013” from the European School of Oncology with Tiffany O’Callaghan, opinion editor with the UK’s New Scientist magazine. The award also was for covering the growing crisis of cancer in developing countries.

I-News Network senior reporter Kevin Vaughan has joined Fox Sports 1 as a full-time enterprise-investigative reporter. He will remain in Denver, where he formerly worked for The Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News.

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