Cleveland chapter holds Holiday Meet ‘N’ Greet

This is a guest post by Eileen Beal, an AHCJ member and co-chapter chair of the Cleveland-Akron chapter of AHCJ.

On Dec. 5, several members — and two soon-to-be members — of Ohio’s Cleveland-Akron chapter did a bit of pre-holiday celebrating at a Happy Hour meet ‘n’ greet at the cozy (dim lights, scattered tables, comfy couches and newly painted fire-engine red walls) Fairmount Martini and Wine Bar, known far and wide for the bar’s “stiff pour,” and excellent martinis. The local night life pub, Scene Magazine, says their like hasn’t been served in mainstream bars since the 1940s.

Major topics of discussion over wine and noshes (and above the din of the packed back lounge, where Cleveland Clinic residents were partying): the moving target that is health care reform; why and how the U.S health care system is different than Canada’s (a chapter co-leader is a Maple Leafer); and, since four of those attending were freelancers, the evolving world of freelancing.

For more information on the chapter, and upcoming events, contact co-chapter chairs Carrie Buchanan ( or Eileen Beal ( and keep an eye on the chapter’s web page.

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