German HealthNewsReview to launch in November, the German version of America’s and Australia’s pioneering Media Doctor site is set to launch in November. Gary Schwitzer, publisher of and longtime AHCJ member, recently visited Dortmund, Germany, to consult on what will be billed as “the German HealthNewsReview.”

Last week, (University of Dortmund Professor Holger Wormer and freelance journalist Marcus Anhäuser) brought in more than a dozen of the people who will be story reviewers for the German site. And I helped give them background on our US effort and offer some tips on how to apply our 10 standardized criteria when reviewing stories. (I remember clearly when I got this kind of help five years ago from Dr. David Henry, who helped found the Media Doctor Australia site.) They were an impressive group – all journalists – but many with advanced science or medical degrees. And they work in many different media – online, print, radio, TV, books.

Schwitzer writes that the site will include “interesting new twists,” some of which he may even adopt over at isn’t live yet, but Schwitzer managed to snap a photo of the draft homepage.

According to Schwitzer, this is the fifth installment in the Media Doctor lineage of sites designed to hold health journalism accountable.


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