Latest regulatory activity just a click away

A new site could let you keep up with the latest regulatory action at your favorite federal agency with

The site takes the Federal Register’s daily XML feeds and makes them accessible to everyone, allowing you to see the latest rulemaking activity and topics open to public comment by the federal government.

For example, on the page for the Department of Health and Human Services, you can see now that public comment is now being accepted about changes to Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program. There’s also a page for the Health Care Financing Administration, though it doesn’t look like there’s been any recent activity from that agency.

Other health topics available:

It appears there isn’t any activity for many of those topics but it’s worth keeping an eye on by subscribing to the RSS feeds so you’ll be alerted if there is an addition.

The site does note that it should not be a substitute for, which is the official site run by the federal government and includes comments that have been filed.  “ should serve as the launching pad, research portal, and discussion community for your regulatory adventures.”

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