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Why advertise with AHCJ?

Media can place health issues on the public’s agenda and catalyze action at the local, state and national levels. 

Reach your target market. AHCJ's members cover medical research, the business of health care, health policy and consumer issues for the news industry’s top outlets. Our members work for newspapers, television and radio stations, consumer newsletters and magazines, online publications, trade publications and books. We have the top journalists on this beat.

  • Improve journalists’ understanding of key issues. Your ad can point to resources and experts that will help journalists better understand critical and complex health issues.

  • Gain credibility with journalists. Associate with the most highly respected organization dedicated to health and health care journalists in the world.

  • Take advantage of bargain rates. At our low ad rates, your organization will get a lot of bang for its buck. You’ll reach the reporters and editors who are most likely to cover health-related issues. Options include classified postings, print display ads and linked online display ads.

Who can advertise with AHCJ?

The Association of Health Care Journalists, and its Center for Excellence in Health Care Journalism, seeks to minimize the possibility and appearance of inappropriate influence from outside parties. The association imposes strict limitations on the sources of its funding and embraces transparency, independence and sustainability when evaluating whether to accept funds from outside parties.

While AHCJ has a more detailed fundraising policy, generally advertising is accepted from the following:

  • Media companies; media foundations; medical journals;

  • Nonprofit, nonpartisan foundations not controlled by commercial firms;

  • Nonpartisan research organizations;

  • Publicly funded agencies, universities and hospitals;

  • Nonprofit colleges/universities;

  • Individual nonprofit academic medical centers that are members of AAMC or major teaching affiliates of AACOM member schools;

  • Other educational institutions with an interest in improving the quality of health care journalism consistent with the mission of AHCJ.

  • Companies or groups that have no specific interest in healthcare but which sell or supply products or services that journalists may consider useful in their work. (Examples include computers, notepads, tablets, automobile rentals, hotels, airlines and freelance agencies.)

Advertising opportunities

Display Ads

Web Display

$300/week (4-week minimum)

Newsletter Display


Career Development Ads


Website Only
10-week listing on our
Career Development page

Web & Newsletter
10-week listing on our Career
Development page plus 5 weeks
in the weekly newsletter

Job Opportunities









Other Ads

Mailing Labels

$2500 (one-time use)


Web Display Ads

Have your opportunity advertised on, which reaches thousands of journalists, foundation program officers and academics interested in the intersection of health care and journalism every week. Our website features articles designed to improve the quality, accuracy and visibility of health care reporting and to inform members about industry trends and current emerging issues in health care. Display ads are 300 pixels by 250 pixels. 

  • $300 per week, with a minimum of four weeks

  • Discounts:

10% off entire run at six weeks or more

20% off entire run at 12 weeks or more

Please contact to take advantage of discount. 

Covering Health Newsletter Display Ads

The Association of Health Care Journalists produces a weekly email newsletter with more than 5,000 subscribers. Your hyperlinked ad image can be placed in our newsletter for one week. There is a 25% discount if you buy a month’s worth of newsletter advertising. Display ads are 300 pixels by 250 pixels. 

  • $250 per week

Career Development Ads

Journalists specializing in health care are continually looking for ways to improve their understanding of the issues, the science, the policies. They seek professional training and opportunities to focus on key topics of interest. If you have a fellowship opportunity, training events or grants available to individual journalists, take advantage of our reach. AHCJ accepts postings for award programs with noncommercial sponsors.

If you have a job requiring highly skilled journalists who specialize in public health, consumer medicine, health care policy, medical research or other areas of health journalism, our jobs board is the best spot for your posting.

  • Job postings

    • Website ad only: $200

    • Website & newsletter ad: $300

  • Fellowships, Internships & Training

    • Website ad only: $100

    • Website & newsletter ad: $150

  • Awards/Contest

    • Website ad only: $75

    • Website & newsletter ad: $125


  • 10-week listing on our Career Development page 

  • No limit on the length of your ad

  • Low, one-time fee per listing

Website & newsletter upgrades any Career Development ad to appear in our weekly newsletter for five weeks of postings/links, which reaches more than 5,000 subscribers.

Mailing labels

AHCJ rents member mailing labels a limited number of times each year to nonprofit organizations that meet our fundraising guidelines. Mailing labels can be helpful to an organization that has ready-made brochures with too much information to fit into a newsletter advertisement. AHCJ must see the proposed mailing before it can be approved. Each payment allows one-time use of these addresses. They cannot be resold, shared or entered into a database. AHCJ does not share email addresses or phone numbers of members.

  • Entire list, one-time use:  $2,500

All advertising is subject to AHCJ’s fundraising policy.