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AHCJ is an association of journalists.

More than 1,400 members benefit from the expertise of fellow members, specialty reporting guides, exclusive Web resources, conferences and workshops, several active local chapters and much more.

Our mission and principles include supporting the highest standards of journalism, including scrupulous defense of the independence of journalists and freedom from influences that may pose conflicts of interest. The association's membership criteria require that professional members be journalists who are employed by news organizations or, if freelancing, devote at least half their time to independent journalism. In addition, members may not pitch stories to journalists or supervise others who do.

The reality is that freelance journalists often must supplement their incomes with other work. In order to protect against conflicts of interest and to best serve professional members, applicants and members are asked to disclose and explain any non-journalism employment.

The following questions help determine whether you are eligible for membership and, if so, which category. Note that your answers will not automatically qualify or disqualify you. In some cases, you may be asked for more information or clarification.

  1. Do you pitch stories to the media, do media relations or oversee anyone who does?

  2. In the articles you write or edit that appear in your publication, on your website or are aired by your organization, are you limited from seeking out points of view different from those of your organization or from people unaffiliated with your organization?

  3. Is your primary role to create or oversee promotional material for your organization?

  4. Are you a health care provider or do you provide consulting or other paid services to health care companies or advocacy organizations? If so, please briefly explain.



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