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While working as an independent journalist can be rewarding, it is also a tremendous amount of work to run your own business. AHCJ has a vibrant freelance community. Members are willing to offer ideas, contacts and support to each other. Our resources include job postings, advice articles, resource links and more. To grow these resources, we look to members like you to offer suggestions, write tip sheets and expand our available links. We also have an active Freelance Committee interested in pursuing more services for you.

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Pitching to top publications

Writing for top publications strengthens your platform and boosts your chances of receiving a prestigious fellowship, or even a book deal. See it now...

New tip sheet

Covering scientific conferences

How can journalists make the most of their time and energy when covering a scientific or professional conference?  See it now...

New market

Details added on Discover magazine

Learn what it takes to get a freelance assignment from Discover magazine in our new Market Guide. See it now...

Freelancer news

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Latest jobs, awards and other news about AHCJ members
The latest report on AHCJ members’ awards, fellowships, job changes and other news includes Alicia F. Ault, Eileen Beal, Sheri Fink, Kenny Goldberg, Markian Hawryluk, Sandra Jordan, Bridget M. Kuehn, Meryl Lin McKean, Ivan Oransky, Paul Raeburn, Gabriel Sanchez, Fred Schulte, Gary Schwitzer, Liz...

Health journalists gathered for training, networking in Silicon Valley #ahcj15
Nearly 700 people attended Health Journalism 2015, the annual conference of the Association of Health Care Journalists. The gathering, in California’s Silicon Valley in late April, provided journalists with expert speakers and panels on everything from hospital quality to a press briefing with...

Reporters get the inside story on reader-supported journalism #ahcj15
In traditional publishing, freelancers know there’s lot of waiting. Pitch an idea and wait. Report, write, and submit your article. And wait again. Send a bill. And wait some more. Crowdfunding offers another way for journalists to get paid. While there’s still lots of waiting, journalists who...

Freelancers get 8 tips on selling related stories to multiple markets #ahcj15
At the Health Journalism 2015 session, “Freelance: Re-slant and resell ideas to multiple markets,” panelists offered eight tips for turning a story idea into multiple articles for various publications. To do this, they said, freelancers have to learn to look at stories, notes and interviews in...

6 tips to find success writing for trade publications #ahcj15
Top editors offered great advice for journalists interested in freelancing for health trade publications during a panel at Health Journalism 2015. Trade publications for professionals working in health and medicine provide numerous freelance opportunities for journalists, but the work – while...

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