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Core Topics

CoreTopics: Essential coverage areas for health journalists

While there are hundreds of health and health care-related topics covered in news and feature stories every day, the Association of Health Care Journalists believes there is a core set of topics that today’s health journalists will need to master to cover the beat well.

Healthjournalism.org is home to thousands of pages of information, data and brilliant story examples. In an effort to curate this information into a curriculum of sorts for fellow journalists, we have launched a Core Topic effort using “topic champions” – lead editors – from our membership to shape this material into practical guidance in covering stories on those topics.

Each specialty topic page will include glossaries, key concepts, reporting tip sheets, weekly blog items, first-person stories by fellow journalists, videos, data and more. The topic home page will serve as a launch pad to more resources, on healthjournalism.org and elsewhere.

What's ahead?

Additional core topics will be added as funding allows. If you believe there is a coverage area that should be considered for core topic status, please let us know at pia@healthjournalism.org.

For now, you can still browse or search the site for information on non-core topic issues, on which we have tip sheets, articles, links, past contest entries and more.

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