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NPR to air explanatory Fosamax piece tonight

NPR correspondent Alix Spiegel’s latest piece, an examination of how Merck manufactured a disease (and an epidemic) en route to turning Fosamax into a blockbuster drug, is set to air on All Things Considered tonight.

We all know how the story ends, but the real focus is the journey. As Spiegel says, “it’s the story of how the definition of what constitutes a disease evolves, and the role that drug companies can play in that evolution.”

In the case of Fosamax, it’s a real humdinger, going all the way from a sweltering meeting room in Rome to the shady backrooms of corporate America and, just in case that isn’t Da Vinci Code enough, it even involves dubious decisions at the highest levels of government.


In a sidebar added to the story after this entry was posted, journalist Gisele Grayson writes about learning that she has osteopenia.