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The Online News Association releases
2023 COVID-19 misinformation playbook

Over the past three years, I’ve continually searched for fresh, updated information and resources to help enhance your COVID-19 coverage. 

A new one that recently caught my attention is the COVID-19 Misinformation Playbook (2023), produced by the Online News Association, which represents digital journalists and media professionals. 

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4 tips for reporting on press releases
about new study results for drugs


Photo courtesy of Eisai Inc.

Many reporters on the health beat face tight deadlines to publish stories based on press releases from the pharmaceutical industry about new study results and regulatory approvals.

Companies understandably want to put the best spin on data in their releases. But it’s our job to put study results in context and inform our audiences about what key information has yet to be revealed.

For this reason, we offer four tips for helping your readers, listeners and viewers get a more complete understanding of cases where incomplete study data is released.

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Tips to help journalists cope with pandemic and other stress 

Photo by Karolina Grabowska via pexels.

As we enter year three of the pandemic, many journalists continue to search for strategies to help them cope with mental health fallout from both experiencing and covering COVID-19.

Several recent surveys show journalists during the pandemic have experienced high rates of symptoms associated with post traumatic distress syndrome (PTSD) like anxiety, depression, flashbacks, negative changes in thinking or mood and increased reactivity to emotionally charged events.

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Health Journalism 2020 fellowships to be honored in 2021

Health Journalism 2021Update: For those of you who were selected as fellows for Health Journalism 2020, we will honor those fellowships for Health Journalism 2021 and there is no need to re-apply.

We will be in touch with fellows as the conference date approaches.

In the meantime, please send us your ideas for topics to cover, speakers to invite and other activities you’d like to see at the conference. The link to the suggestion form is on the main conference page.

Legislation update: AB 5 may exempt freelance writers but PRO Act passes

A view of Congress

Photo by Sean Stayte via flickr

Independent contractor legislation continues to shift quickly at both the state and national levels — with writers and editors waiting to see what happens next.

First, California legislators may ease restrictions against writers and photographers, the San Francisco Chronicle reported on Feb. 6.

Assembly Bill 5, which went into effect in California on Jan. 1, established a cap that limits freelancers to 35 submissions per publication per year. The law has already affected freelancers and publications, including several AHCJ members. Continue reading