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Preparing for PitchFest and tips for making the most of Health Journalism 2022

AHCJ Health Journalism 2022 is around the corner, with many opportunities aimed specifically at freelance journalists. Register by March 28 to take advantage of the early bird rate.

Editors meet with independent journalists at PitchFest at Health Journalism 2016. (Photo by Pia Christensen)

One of the most exciting opportunities is PitchFest, which is scheduled for the afternoon of Friday, April 29. Sixteen editors from top publications are coming to the conference to hear your story ideas. They include editors from AARP, WebMD, National Geographic, Everyday Health, Kaiser Health News and NPR. More details about each editor can be found on the Friday event schedule page on the AHCJ website.

You must sign up in advance for each ten-minute appointment with an editor. The online sign-up period opens on Monday, April 4, 10 a.m. CST, allowing for a maximum of three appointments. I would suggest blocking out that time on your calendar now and planning to sign up that morning. Some editors are extremely popular and appointments with them go fast. The link to sign up will appear on the PitchFest page on the AHCJ website that morning.

There is no guarantee that you will get an assignment on the spot at PitchFest, but it does happen. You increase your chances of getting an assignment on the day or through follow-up emails by coming to each appointment with a well-researched pitch.

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