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AHCJ members report on health spending in Mozambique

About Kris Hickman

Kris Hickman (@the_index_case) is a graduate research assistant for AHCJ, pursuing a master’s degree in public health. She has a bachelor's degree in anthropology, with a minor in journalism, from the University of Missouri. She spent two years in Zambia as an HIV/AIDS community education volunteer in the Peace Corps. She aspires to be an epidemiologist and science writer.

Noam Levey, who received a 2013 AHCJ Reporting Fellowship on Health Care Performance, recently reported on health care spending in Mozambique for the Los Angeles Times. In the piece, Levey pointed out that Mozambique’s economy is booming – but in contrast, its health care spending is lagging.

The decision to limit health resources had an especially profound effect in remote areas of Mozambique. Levey reported from Chokwe, a rural town about 100 miles north of the coastal capital of Maputo, and described  a newborn baby boy who stopped breathing shortly after his birth, just before sunset.

Nurses were able to revive him with a ventilator and a suction machine. But if he had been born only two hours later, he would have died – limited resources mean the ward is staffed only until 7 p.m.

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Atlanta chapter hears from CDC about global health efforts

About John Andrew "Andy'' Miller

Andy Miller (@gahealthnews) is the editor and publisher of the nonprofit Georgia Health News. The former health care reporter for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is a member of AHCJ's board of directors and leads the association's Atlanta chapter.

Members of the Atlanta chapter of AHCJ heard a fascinating talk about the CDC’s global reach from Ron Ballard, associate director for laboratory science for the agency’s Center for Global Health.

Ballard, who has traveled extensively in coordinating international lab activities for the CDC, told about 20 journalists at a Sept. 10 meeting that the agency is working in dozens of  countries on activities ranging from disease detection and immunizations to programs fighting HIV/AIDS. Continue reading

Relating global health to your local audience #ahcj13

About Katherine Kam

Katherine Kam is an independent journalist in the San Francisco Bay area. She is attending Health Journalism 2013 on an AHCJ-California Health Journalism Fellowship, which is supported by The California HealthCare Foundation.

Multiple drug-resistant tuberculosis and counterfeit or contaminated drugs have been major problems in countries abroad, but we are now hearing about such problems closer to home. And the issue isn’t limited to infectious diseases or drugs.

“People here are very concerned about the air pollution from Beijing because of the concept of shared air,” said Salmaan Keshavjee, M.D., Ph.D., Sc.M., an associate professor at Harvard Medical School who is an expert in infectious diseases.

Global health can be a hard sell for local audiences, but journalists can find ways to make it relevant, according to Keshavjee and Muhammad Zaman, Ph.D., an associate professor of biomedical engineering at Boston University. Both spoke on Friday at Health Journalism 2013 in a session called “How to relate global health to your local audience.”

Diseases can cross borders in an age of easy global travel. American tourists go on vacation in places such as Romania and Belarus – where multi-drug resistant tuberculosis is a growing problem. Continue reading