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Med school conflict of interest policies rated

Andrew Van Dam

About Andrew Van Dam

Andrew Van Dam of The Wall Street Journal previously worked at the AHCJ offices while earning his master’s degree at the Missouri School of Journalism.

The American Medical Student Association released a 2009 version of their PharmFreeScorecard, evaluating 149 U.S. medical schools based on their stated conflict-of-interest policies. According to the executive summary, 21 percent of schools improved their policies in the last year, with 16 more schools scoring an A or B in 2009.amsa-scale

AMSA rates policies in fields such as scholarships, continuing medical education, purchasing, gifts and samples, curriculum, consulting, speaking and disclosure and combines them to determine a school’s overall grade. The association handed out 9 As, 36 Bs, 18 Cs, 17 Ds and 35Fs, with 27 schools still pending or otherwise in the process of changing their regulations.