Prizes go to AHCJ membership survey raffle winners

Dear AHCJ members,

In April we asked for your feedback for a membershipwide survey on AHCJ’s benefits and offerings – and you delivered! We are grateful for all who took the opportunity to lend your voice to the future of our organization.

The winners of our two random participation raffles are below. Congratulations!

Winners of free registration to the Health Journalism 2021 conference:

  • Louise Gagnon
  • Ellen Kurek
  • Sharon Donovan
  • Christine Herman
  • Esther Landhuis
  • Kat McGowan
  • Michael Posey
  • JoAnn Milivojevic
  • Tina Reed
  • Kristina Fiore

Winners of a $100 gift card:

  • Judith Orvos
  • Anastassia Gliadkovskaya
  • Herb Brody
  • Mark Taylor
  • Aneri Pattani
  • Robert Finn
  • Whitney Zatzkin
  • Zeena Nackerdien
  • Meg Wigerter
  • Emily Sohn

The staff has started digging into all of your responses and we will spend the coming weeks and months sharing these results with the board of directors and looking at ways to incorporate your thoughtful feedback into improvements in our processes, member benefits and offerings.

Thank you for participating in the survey and helping guide AHCJ into the future.


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