Snapshots from #ahcj13 | Curtis Skinner


Curtis Skinner, The New York World, New York:

Favorite panel so far today:
“I’ll say the social media one. (Facebook) graph search, I didn’t even know how cool it was, and I’m really interested in trying it out.” 

Favorite speaker Thursday morning:
“Marshall Allen who did the hospital ratings panel. He talked about Dwight Howard, and I’m a big Lakers fan.”

Best tip so far:
“Facebook social graph. I did a story recently where I needed to look for sources in social media, and if I had known about that, it would have cut my work time down.”

Most exciting upcoming event:
“I’m looking forward to deciphering inspection reports (
Sunday). It’s going to be fantastic, I mean a lot of times I pull up the hospital inspection reports and it’s just kind of impenetrable. If we come out with tools or tips on how I can systematically go through them, that would be really, really helpful.”

Any sightseeing plans while in Boston:
“I’m trying to hit as many of these panels as I can and I really hadn’t thought about where to go afterwards.”

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