‘100 Resources’ list may spark story ideas, sources

The Nursing Online Education Database has compiled a list of “100 Web Resources for Medical Professionals” that includes some interesting sites.

The list is divided into 12 categories: general research, dentistry, nursing, obstetrics & gynecology, oncology, pediatrics, psychiatry, dictionaries & journals, directories, job leads, social networking and blogs.

Some of the sites are old hat to health journalists, like the American Medical Association and the Centers for Disease Control, but others, such as the blog “A Day In the Life of An Ambulance Driver,” might be new and could spark some story ideas or serve as fresh sources.

A recent post from the “Ambulance Driver” blog urged elderly people who have burglar bars and deadbolts to install a keyless lockbox and give the combination to local emergency responders. The post says that otherwise:

“…the police and the EMTs will stand on your stoop and watch you sprawled on the floor dying, powerless to help you until it’s too late.

Like tonight.”

How often does that happen and how do paramedics in your area deal with that situation?

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  1. Avatar photoEileen Beal

    WOW…the 100 Web Resources is FANTASTIC!!!!

    Thanks PIA, for finding this for us.


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