The accelerating aging of America, the most significant demographic trend of our time, has profound implications for health institutions, families, workplaces, communities, the economy, even the very concept of a normal life trajectory.

The health care implications are enormous, as seniors consume more medical care and account for a larger share of the nation’s health care spending than any other age group.

Reporters on the aging beat will want to follow how scientific and medical advances contribute to better health and longer lives for older adults in the years ahead.

Liz SeegertLiz Seegert (@lseegert) is an independent health journalist based in New York’s Hudson Valley who writes about caregiving, dementia, access to care, nursing homes and policy in her role as AHCJ’s Health Beat Leader for Aging. Seegert helps provide context for reporting on this multidimensional issue with story posts, tip sheets, analysis, data and one-on-one interviews with aging experts.

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Multigenerational households

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