Special offer for journalists covering the COVID-19 pandemic

Are you a reporter who doesn’t usually cover health issues? Have you been shifted to covering the virus or the fallout from the virus? Frustrated by the steep learning curve? The Association of Health Care Journalists would like to help.

AHCJ is offering a special, limited-time membership offer that will grant you access to the thousands of health-related tip sheets, reporting guides webinars and other resources we have gathered for years at healthjournalism.org. You can now apply for a half-price, six-month membership that will give you access to all those resources, as well as our live listserve where you can ask questions of fellow reporters covering the pandemic.

The real-time support provided by more experienced health reporters alone is worth the discounted $30 membership fee.

AHCJ offers an extensive website featuring a daily blog, reporting tip sheets, health-related datasets, how-to articles by fellow journalists, reporting guidebooks and complimentary access to more than 50 medical and health journals and databases. Take a look at the other benefits we have to offer.

This offer is for a limited time, so act while you can to support the accuracy and effectiveness of your own reporting. Learn more about membership and how you can get involved with AHCJ.

If you have any questions, send a note to Tina England, our membership coordinator, at tina@healthjournalism.org. She would be happy to help you.

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