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Health Journalism 2006 Field Trips: Baylor College of Medicine

The bus for these tours will leave the conference hotel at 1:15 p.m.

Key sessions

BCM Human Genome Sequencing Center

The BCM Human Genome Sequencing Center is only one of three designated by the National Genome Research Institute to finish the human genome sequence in the early part of this century. Knowing and understanding the complete human genome will help researchers locate and identify disease genes and will ultimately enable scientists to understand complex diseases such as heart disease, Alzheimer's disease, and cancer. The center also plays a major role in ongoing animal sequencing projects.

Using robots and special techniques, researchers here can perform the hundreds of thousands of sequencing efforts necessary to identify the genes involved in epilepsy. To identify the genes associated with epilepsy, the BCM researchers plan to sequence 250 genes in each of 500 people with epilepsy and 500 who do not have the disease in attempt to identify genes associated with the disease. It represents a phenomenal number of sequences.

Children's Nutrition Research Center

Tour of the nation's leading children's nutrition research center, which includes researchers across many disciplines, from biochemists to behavioral scientists. Tour will include the Energy Metabolism and Exercise Lab, Body Composition Lab, Behavioral Studies Unit and Children's Eating Lab and Research Greenhouse.