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In this workshop, editors will provide detailed feedback on real pitches from writers. Editors will choose from pitches submitted in advance, discussing what they liked — or didn’t — about selected pitches. To encourage participation and allow an open discussion, neither the editors nor the workshop participants will know the names of the writers.

Come to this interactive session to learn how to make your pitch stand out when it lands in the inbox of a busy editor. We encourage you to submit a trial pitch for feedback. If you are a freelancer interested in writing for one of these magazines, this is a unique opportunity! All pitches should be directed specifically to each magazine, and contain a headline. You can remain anonymous or include your name.

Please upload your pitches. The editors will select which pitches to discuss. As this will be an open forum with real pitches, we ask that all writers honor the code of not stealing someone else's idea. The deadline for pitch submission is April 5.