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Rural Health Journalism Workshop 2015: Photos

Shannon Muchmore, staff writer, Tulsa World. (Photo: Len Bruzzese/AHCJ)

Erin Carlson, Ph.D., assistant professor, Health Management and Policy, School of Public Health, University of North Texas Health Science Center. (Photo: Len Bruzzese/AHCJ)

Denna Wheeler, Ph.D., director of rural research & evaluation, Center for Health Sciences, Oklahoma State University. (Photo: Len Bruzzese/AHCJ)

Carrie Feibel, health and science reporter, Houston Public Media. (Photo: Len Bruzzese/AHCJ)

Tammy Worth, independent journalist, Blue Springs, Mo. (Photo: Len Bruzzese/AHCJ)

Uche S. Uchendu, M.D., executive director, Office of Health Equity, Department of Veterans Affairs. (Photo: Len Bruzzese/AHCJ)

Emily M. Selby-Nelson, Psy.D., licensed clinical psychologist, Cabin Creek Health Systems; clinical assistant professor, West Virginia University School of Medicine-Charleston. (Photo: Len Bruzzese/AHCJ)

Laura Beil, independent journalist, Cedar Hill, Texas. (Photo: Len Bruzzese/AHCJ)

John Bowling, D.O., assistant dean of rural medical education, University of North Texas Health Science Center

Alan Podawiltz, D.O., chairman and associate professor for psychiatry and behavioral health, University of North Texas Health Science Center. (Photo: Len Bruzzese/AHCJ)

Michael Williams, D.O., M.D., M.B.A., president, University of North Texas Health Science Center. (Photo: Len Bruzzese/AHCJ)

Sharita R. Thomas, M.P.P., research associate of North Carolina Rural Health Research Program, Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services. (Photo: Len Bruzzese/AHCJ)

Rebecca Catalanello, health writer, The Times-Picayune. (Photo: Len Bruzzese/AHCJ)

Gary Brinker, Ph.D., director, Docking Institute of Public Affairs; sociology professor, Fort Hays State University. (Photo: Len Bruzzese/AHCJ)

Larry Dreiling, senior field editor, High Plains Journal. (Photo: Len Bruzzese/AHCJ)