Rural Health Journalism Workshop 2014: Photos

Mark O'Hollaren, VP of strategic outreach for Oregon Health & Science University, speaks to journalists on rural health issues. (Photo: Len Bruzzese/AHCJ)


Miles Ellenby
Dr. Miles Ellenby, medical director of OHSU's Telemedicine Network, says the team can give quick stroke consults via video. (Photo: Len Bruzzese/AHCJ)


Tina Castañares, M.D., consultant on health care for special populations (Photo: Len Bruzzese/AHCJ)


Mario Gutierrez, exec. director, Center for Connected Health Policy, says telemedicine is now telehealth. (Photo: Len Bruzzese/AHCJ)


Mark Richardson, dean, OHSU School of Medicine. (Photo: Len Bruzzese/AHCJ)


David Jordan, project director, Dental Access Project, Community Catalyst (Photo: Len Bruzzese/AHCJ)


K. John McConnell, director, OHSU's Center for Health Systems Effectiveness (Photo: Len Bruzzese/AHCJ)


Phillip T. Marucha, dean of OHSU's School of Dentistry (Photo: Len Bruzzese/AHCJ)


Tim McBride, Washington University in St. Louis (Photo: Len Bruzzese/AHCJ)


Longtime AHCJ member Duncan Moore (left) talks with new KCUR-Kansas City health editor Dan Margolies. (Photo: Len Bruzzese/AHCJ)


AHCJ Board President Karl Stark (left) talks with Missouri Foundation for Health's Thomas McAuliffe. (Photo: Len Bruzzese/AHCJ)


Luncheon speaker Tina Castañares (left) answers additional questions after her talk. (Photo: Len Bruzzese/AHCJ)