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Health Journalism 2014: Stories from the conference



Mile-High City draws crowd for Health Journalism 2014

Covering Health

Journalists high on health journalism for AHCJ's annual conference

Offit challenges reporters to avoid false balance

Simulating an emergency room response

Oral health disparities persist despite advances in prevention

Prescribing data and the side effects of assumptions

Ingredients that make an athlete elite might surprise you

Bugs in the body: When bacteria can be healthy

What do editors want from freelancers?

Marijuana debate: Taxes, research and regulation

Sullivan shares experiences with racism, the early days of AIDS and serving under George H.W. Bush

Pull sexy quotes, say thank you and share, share, share 

How to talk about death and dying

Concerns over 'fracking' prompt research into health effects, occupational hazards

Getting the dirt on the allergy epidemic

New models bridge the gap in health care news

Rural health providers alarmed by regulatory changes

For freelancers, ‘Contracts 101′ was important session

Covering hospital ratings? Here’s one aspect consumers need you to report

Think about the words you use when covering suicide

Video excerpts from the conference

Disparities in oral health; filmed and edited by April Bailey, University of Georgial Health & Medical Journalism program

View from attendees; filmed and edited by April Bailey, University of Georgial Health & Medical Journalism program

View from attendees, part 2; filmed and edited by April Bailey, University of Georgial Health & Medical Journalism program

Other news organizations

Language Matters: Journalism’s Role In End Of Life Care, Life Matters Media

StatsFTW, Storify: Health journalists talking stats, cartoons & candy with Hilda Bastian & Kathleen Raven

Bush-era health care chief speaks with journalists, The Sacramento Bee

Forecast: Fewer rural health providers in five years, KHI News Service

8 lessons learned from new journalism business models, The Gasconader 

The advance of drug-resistant TB, Storify

Despite stimulus dollars, hundreds of hospitals still use mostly paper records, Forbes

Dr. Paul Offit: 'Journalism jail' for faulty medical reporting, Forbes

Frailty: American health care unprepared for how we now die, Life Matters Media

Talk of pot, cancer research and lost Super Bowls as Buffalo meets Denver at health conference, The Buffalo News

Former HHS secretary speaks to health journalists, The St. Louis American

Sarah Jane Tribble chats with Morning Edition host Rick Jackson about Health Journalism 2014:

Personalizing personalized medicine for journalists, Eric Rosenthal Reports, Oncology Times

Bionic man: Building better body parts | Technobubble (video), Reno Gazette-Journal

Things I learned at Health Journalism 2014, William Heisel's Antidote, Reporting on Health: USC Annenberg

Things I learned at Health Journalism 2014, part 2,  William Heisel's Antidote, Reporting on Health: USC Annenberg

Revealing industry payments to docs could spur legislation on conflicts: experts, Modern Healthcare

Working to make aging and health issues front page news, John A. Hartford Foundation

GOP opposition to Obamacare baffles Dr. Sullivan, The Center for Public Integrity

Life isn't fair, Not Running A Hospital

Medicare patients frequently get double chest scans, critic charges, Vital Signs, Modern Healthcare

Read the f'ing paper, Storify 

Has Colorado's governor 'inhaled' since pot became legal in the state?, The Sacramento Bee

Twitter Tuesday: Enrollment 'deadline,' need-to-know genetics, Yakima Herald

Reversing the allergy epidemic: 'Let them eat dirt' and maybe peanuts too, Health News Colorado

Hickenlooper: 'I did inhale,' but not when it was legal, Health News Colorado

Legal pot: Pa. needs to see the science, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Tips for covering long-term care, Reporting on Health: USC Annenberg

Rocky Mountain high or reefer madness? Legal pot in Colorado comes with risks, ProPublica

Talk of pot, cancer research, lost Super Bowls, The Buffalo News

15 shocking facts you don't know about weed, The Weather Channel

The Farm Effect: One facet of the allergy epidemic, Unearthed

Expert tips for how to report on suicide, Unearthed

The Banaszynski Beer Rule: Storytelling lessons from Jacqui B., Unearthed

Endo Type: DIY fecal transplant, Medical Device Articles

Planning for death can ease family anxieties, The Buffalo News

Legalization raises concerns about marijuana's effect on kids, The Albany Times Union

Patient slapping at St. Joe's symptom of persistent problem at U.S. hospitals: Bad behavior by docs, Syracuse Post-Standard

Syracuse hospital says it may be sued over patient slapping, Syracuse Post-Standard

Why hospitals turn a blind eye to misbehaving docs, Fierce Healthcare

Are probiotics helping you?, Food Matters, Scientific American

Medical marijuana: 4 experts on benefits vs. risks, Elsevier Connect

Colorado's newest side trip: Pot, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Killing them softly: Andrew Read's tactics would stop mosquitoes without resistance, TEDMED

EAT LIKE AN OLYMPIAN; the Canadian dietician who tells U.S. elite athletes what to put in their
mouths, The Vancouver Sun

Metal allergies can complicate joint replacements, The Bend Bulletin

Food Sleuth Radio: Interview with Mark Holbreich, M.D. and board-certified allergist, Public Radio Exchange

Food Sleuth Radio: Interview with international obesity expert James Hill, Ph.D., Public Radio Exchange

Food Sleuth Radio: Interview with Margo Wootan, Ph.D., of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Public Radio Exchange

       Ouster of doc accused of slapping patients' butts hurts Syracuse hospital's bottom line,

       Chikungunya: The agony virus, Men's Health