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Health Journalism 2013: Stories generated by the conference

The end of bad meds, Christine Gorman, Scientific American

U.S. troops reeling from explosives-caused pressure that can lead to lasting brain damage, Tony Bartelme, The Post and Courier

Fighting Prescription Drug Abuse, One Log In At a Time, Kristin Gourlay, Rhode Island Public Radio

From Medicare policy to Massachusetts governor? Donald Berwick Explores Gubernatorial Run; Cites ACA Weaknesses, Hoag Levins, LDI Health Economist

Health Journalism Conference Spotlights Growing Complications of Senior Care, Eileen Beal, GBO News

AHCJ’s New Website Provides Investigative Tool on Hospitals, GBO News

Health reform lessons found in Massachusetts, Paula Burkes, The Oklahoman

Commentary: Health care reform, not yet reformed, Bobby Warren, The (Wooster, Ohio) Daily Record

Older, Homeless, No Family Caregiver — What Do They Do?, Sally Abrahms, AARP

Author says U.S. health care system “killed my father,” Karen Garloch, The Charlotte Observer

Journalists weigh in on the state of health-care journalism, David Levine, Elsevier Connect

Physician's Powerful Words Humble Reporter, David Pittman, MeddPage Today

Docs Must Lead the Charge for Real Reform, David Pittman, MedPage Today

“The Dean’s Lie” – about new docs going into primary care, Gary Schwitzer,

Don't put off important discussions about end-of-life wishes, Charlotte Sutton, Tampa Bay Times

New Database Reveals Thousands of Hospital Violation Reports, Christine Vestal,

Farmer – Regulate Thyself: Agribusiness Takes Food Safety into Its Own Hands, Erin Brodwin, Scientific American

Computerized nurses might improve health care, researchers say, Public Health Newswire

Covering Clinical Trials: a message for journalists and critical readers, Judy Stone, M.D., Molecules to Medicine on

Health Sense: Hospital inspection info easily accessible for the first time, David Wahlberg, Wisconsin State Journal

Health journalism conference underway in Boston, Phil Cauthon, KHI News Service

Health IT innovations, value of EHR systems discussed, Phil Cauthon, KHI News Service

Former CMS chief: Patients, families should have greater say in health reform, Dave Ramey, KHI News Service

Does New Alzheimer’s Research Offer Hope?, Rita Baron-Faust, M.P.H., Senior Planet

Must-Read: ‘I’m One Of The 26 Percent With Mental Illness,’ Carey Goldberg, WBUR

Dementia scientists scanning for dollars, Barbara Peters Smith, Sarasota (Fla.) Herald-Tribune

Big safety nets struggle to find partners, Ron Shinkman, FierceHealthFinance

Guideline Changes Have Asperger's Community on Edge, Lisa Esposito, HealthDay News

The 'Learning Curve' of Living With Asperger's, Lisa Esposito, HealthDay News

Can Synthetic Biology Keep Your Food Safe?, Julianne Wyrick, Scientific American guest blog

$43,536 per cancer treatment! Doctor claims hospital is overcharging for drug, Suzanne Laurent,

The Call for Regulation Over Exhortation, Cheryl Clark, HealthLeaders Media


#ahcj13: a rookie's foray; Maithri Vangala

Keynote #AHCJ13 with Dr. Groopman & Dr. Hartzband; Tara Haelle

NewsPro, stories include:

  • Sign of the times: Finding New Models of Health Reporting

  • Bringing it home: Tips on Localizing Health Care Reform

  • Keys from Massachusetts: Gov. Deval Patrick’s Take on Health Reform Coverage 

  • E-books: A new opportunity: Self-Publishing Online

  • Rx for a better story: A Dose of Skepticism

  • What do editors want? How Freelancers Can Get an Editor’s Attention

  • Finding the right balance: Informing the Public Without Creating Panic

  • Covering a tragedy: Reporters Land in Uncertain Territory

  • AHCJ award winners

  • AHCJ joins science group

  • Animal magnetism: A Vet Shares Ideas for Health Reporters