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Tip Sheets

Health Journalism 2015 speaker presentations

Tip sheets and presentations are available from the following sessions:

  • HIPAA: The ins, the outs, and how to navigate

  • How to accurately report on medical research findings

  • News briefing with Robert McDonald, U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs

  • Ebola and Ebolanoia: Covering outbreaks responsibly

  • The dental desert: Investigating barriers to oral health access

  • Impact of dramatic climate changes on health

  • Exploring the latest research on aging

  • Games for health: Innovation or fad?

  • The clinical, ethical and research sides of genetics

  • ‘Not a death sentence’ is not enough: Covering the new HIV era

  • Latino health: Life with the ACA – and without immigration reform

  • Public or private: What's ahead in insurance exchanges?

  • High-risk obstetrics: Challenges of very preterm births

  • Efforts to battle fraud in electronic health records

  • Connecting with your audience about end-of-life care

  • The big picture: Measuring the health of cities and states, countries and continents

  • Microbiome research: What to cover - and what to avoid

  • Localizing Medicare and Medicaid: Data, experts and shoe leather

  • Transparency: Reporting on quality as well as health costs

  • Changes in rules, new ethical debates about organ transplants

  • How big data might revolutionize medical research and treatment

  • Health providers turning to tech tools for patient monitoring

  • Politics, policy and people: ACA report card

  • One community, two worlds: Reporting on health inequality

  • Inside the living brain: What have we learned, and what's next?

  • Cancer as a chronic condition

  • The shifting demands in health provider education 

  • Mental health and ACA: Revolution or more of the same?

  • Stem cells: A roundup on the latest research

  • Wearables: Possibilities for consumers and health professionals

  • Challenges facing America's aging family caregivers

  • The role of nurses in improving health care quality

  • Cutting through the haze of e-cigarettes

  • Making best use of PubMed, and more

  • What have we learned in the second wave of insurance enrollment?

  • Finding stories, avoiding pitfalls in new health data

  • Vaccines: Covering more than just spot news

  • Tracking the dangers of medical devices