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Current Trends in Autism Employment (Scott Standifer presentation and fact sheet)

Panel: Is the workplace prepared for an increase in adults with autism? (Health Journalism 2012)

Speaker: Scott Standifer, Ph.D., assistant director, Region 7 Technical Assistance and Continuing Education Center; organizer, Autism Works National Conference; clinical associate professor, School of Health Professions, University of Missouri

PDF of presentation

PDF of Case 1 Walgreen's


PDF of Case 3 AMC's theatres' FOCUS program

PDF of Autism Employment Fact Sheet

Panel description: While it’s unclear how many adults have autism, a wave of children with the diagnosis is beginning to enter adulthood and the workforce. What challenges do these adults face as they integrate into the world of work? What resources are available to employers and employees? What are the new models for employing people on the autism spectrum? This panel includes a successful adult with autism who will describe some of his work experiences. Other experts will provide story ideas and discuss how early diagnosis and treatment in childhood can affect quality of life in adulthood.