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Brain Health Lifestyle (Paul Nussbaum presentation)

Panel: Neuroplasticity 101: It really is all in your head (Health Journalism 2012)

Speaker: Paul J. Nussbaum, Ph.D., adjunct professor of neurological surgery; University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

PDF of presentation

Panel description: A decade after the “Decade of the Brain,” the wonders of the brain are still being discovered. This panel will provide a backgrounder on brain neuroplasticity – the brain’s tremendous capacity to rewire, remodel, even regenerate. It will look at the limits of the brain’s neuroplasticity: The younger you are, the easier it is for the brain to rewire/remodel itself. Get an in-depth look at the role neuroplasticity plays in recovery from traumatic brain injury; the role it can/can’t play in recovery from neuropsychiatric/ mental health disorders; and the role it plays in successful aging. Panelists will provide insight on research that is leading to better diagnosis, treatment and recovery for those dealing with brain-related disorders.