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Health Coverage and Care for Low‐Income Immigrants (Samantha Artiga presentation)

Panel: State crackdowns: Who is caring for undocumented immigrants (Health Journalism 2012)

Speaker: Samantha Artiga, associate director, Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured, The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

PDF of presentation

Panel description: The issue of how to handle illegal immigration in the workforce, education and even health care services continues to spur heated debates around the country. We’ll examine policies across the nation that either deny or expand access to care for undocumented immigrants and look at how budget shortfalls are driving ongoing cuts to community clinics and public health programs that serve this population. We’ll discuss the potential implications of the federal health care law not covering millions of undocumented immigrants. Many providers worry this could lead to infectious disease outbreaks and increased health disparities.