Tip Sheets

Storify for health journalists

By Marian Liu (@marianliu)


1. Compiling tweets, photos, news stories from an event, i.e., chat, press conferences, news

1. Tweets from the 2011 Health Academy Conference (#PRSAHealth) – Who cheats and breaks science news reporting embargoes?

2. Leymah Gbowee Wins Nobel Peace Prize, Columbia Business School

2. Telling a story through social media

1. Tar sands pipeline protests explainer

3. Incorporating community response

1. The Association of Health Care Journalists gathered to discuss whether the Obama administration lives up to its promise to make science more transparent and accessible to the public

2. Slideshows – Oregon's Silver Falls State Park

Five (potential) models for content curation

  • Aggregation
  • Distillation
  • Elevation
  • Mashup
  • Chronology


1. How a Hospital presents news:

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta – The pediatric hospital serves more than than 500,000 patients a year. The tweets kept them up-to-date on Julia’s procedure. Having the tweets tracked by Storify also allows their family to have a special way to recount this event in Julia’s life.

1. Ear Tube surgery

2. Why they chose to Storify the surgery

3. Preventing flu

4. Concussions

2. A story of a harvest:

The story of the 2011 Napa Valley wine grape harvest as told by wineries throughout the valley.

3. Nonprofit news

  1. Tips on Telling Your Cause’s Story Using Storify – Stories give someone else the opportunity to demonstrate the impact of your organization or campaign.

  2. Help the Hospices – Asked people to summarize hospice care in just one word for Hospice Care Week

Marian Liu is the community manager at Storify.com.