Tip Sheets

Sample monthly magazine editorial process

Pitch (allow 1 week before sending reminder; 1 week for response to reminder)

Proposal circulates to one to three top editors (allow 1-2 weeks per editor)

Optional: pitched at story meeting, no proposal

Assignment and contract (ask for a letter summarizing assignment)

Reporting and writing (anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 year­ plus)

Circulate first draft to top editors (could be anywhere from 1 week to many months)

Scheduling (usually won't happen until story is turned in)

Revising (generally 2 weeks)

Visual planning begins

Optional: Circulate revise to top editors

Editing (allow one to two weeks and expect follow-up questions during this period)

Circulate edit to top editors (allow 1-2 weeks per editor)

Edit combined with visuals (may involve more cuts/changes to fit space allowed)

Fact checking process begins (continues 1-3 weeks until publication)

Two proofs circulate to top editors, copy editors

Two more proofs circulate to copy editors

Article Ships (hits newsstands approx 4-6 weeks after shipping)