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From pee-wees to pros: Head injuries in sports (Margot Putukian presentation)

Panel: From pee-wees to pros: Head injuries in sports (Health Journalism 2011)

Speaker: Margot Putukian, M.D., team physician and director of athletic medicine, Princeton University

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Panel description: Why do some athletes suffer lasting damage from sports head injuries while others seem to brush off the hits with no lasting effect? Or do they? Repeat hits to the head and concussions put athletes at great risk for damage long after the score is forgotten. High-profile cases of Alzheimer's-like chronic traumatic encephalopathy and suicide have made headlines in recent months. The issues - assessing head injuries on the field, safe and "smart" helmets, compliance and returning to play, and educating parents, players, coaches and fans - will be the focus of this panel.