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Presentations from the 2010 Influenza Workshop for Journalists

AHCJ sponsored 14 journalists to take part in a two-day workshop in August 2010 at the CDC about covering influenza.

The workshop included a series of on-the-record sessions with CDC experts to prepare front-line journalists for the upcoming flu season. Public health experts provided a primer on the flu, examined how it is being tracked, expectations for vaccines and antivirals, and what communities can do to deal with the fallout. See the agenda.

These are the speakers' PowerPoint presentations from that workshop:

The Life of a Flu Virus – virology, origins of viruses, how they circulate, how they change
• Nancy Cox, Ph.D., director, Influenza Division [Presentation]

How CDC Tracks Influenza
• Dan Jernigan, M.D., deputy director, Influenza Division [Presentation]

 Reports from the lab
• Michael Shaw, Ph.D., associate director for Laboratory Science, Influenza Division [Presentation]

Influenza Education and Outreach
• Kris Sheedy, Ph.D., associate director for communication science, National Center for Immunization & Respiratory Diseases [Presentation]

Vaccine Update – Panel with NIH and FDA
• NIH: Linda Lambert, Ph.D., chief, Respiratory Diseases Branch, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases [Presentation]
• FDA: Lorrie Harrison McNeill, director, Office of Communication, Outreach and Development, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research [Presentation]

Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness and Safety
• David Shay, M.D., medical officer, NCIRD [Presentation]
• Karen Broder, M.D., medical officer, Immunization Safety Office [Presentation]