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Understanding Hospital Issues (Samuel Steinberg presentation)

Steinberg explains current issues facing hospitals, with a particular emphasis on independence versus affiliation.


Samuel H. Steinberg, Ph.D., F.A.C.H.E., S.H. Steinberg Consulting LLC

PDF of presentation

Panel description:

Hospital finances are poised to be at the top of the news again. The new health bill should benefit hospitals by covering 32 million more people but that won’t take effect for four years. Meanwhile, the poor economy has reduced elective surgeries, and the number of uninsured patients seems to be growing. This session will help you know if your hospital is financially sick and explain the key role that hospital boards play. The session will also focus on five key documents that all health reporters should know about, including the upgraded IRS 990 form, which finally arrives this year. It will require nonprofit hospitals to spell out as never before the benefit they give back to their communities.