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Report shows innovation in the design and implementation of Medicaid family planning expansions

A Guttmacher Institute analysis and report shows that state officials have demonstrated creativity and entrepreneurship in designing and implementing Medicaid family planning expansions.

Among the key findings outlined in the report are:

  • States have pioneered new techniques to make it easier for clients to apply for the program-and in some cases even enroll- during a family planning visit.
  • States have automatically enrolled potential clients, such as postpartum women who are leaving Medicaid, and used databases to verify citizenship status and income.
  • States have used tailored, community-based tactics, established informative program Web sites and contacted individuals receiving other forms of public assistance.
  • States have worked with professional organizations and associations, used targeted ads, e-mails and mailings, and developed Web sites for interactive orientation and training.
  • States have strived for regularly scheduled rate increases and targeted funding for client counseling and application assistance.
  • To guarantee client confidentiality, states have enrolled teens based on their own (rather than their parents') income and enrolled clients unable to use private insurance for fear of abuse.