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GAO Report on SCHIP: Experiences in states that cover adults

A study by the Government Accountability Office examined how 10 states that cover adults under SCHIP (State Children's Health Insurance Program) structured their programs, what their experiences were with enrollment and expenditures and how they approached outreach. The study was based on data from 2006.

GAO found the program structures of the 10 states varied in terms of categories of adults covered (whether they were parents or childless) and the types of coverage offered (direct coverage or premium assistance). The study also found that adults covered comprised about 40 percent of the total number of individuals in the 10 states and that adults accounted for about 54 percent of total SCHIP expenditures in the nine states that provided expenditure data. The 10 states reviewed used three approaches in their outreach efforts: targeting hard-to-reach populations, targeting families instead of adults specifically, and relying on new and established partnerships to locate and enroll all eligible individuals.